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Dell ' Aria Stivala Kennel (Malta)


About us

Hello from Dell’Aria Stivala Kennel - Malta,

All started in 2018, when we fell in love with the Boxer breed.

Obtained a stunning dark brindle bitch from a renowned breeder in Sicily (Del Quarzo Nero).

Our bitch is Toya Del Quarzo Nero, daughter of Sire Ludwick Del Quarzo Nero and Dam Opale Del Quarzo Nero, both parents fathered by a beautiful fawn dog called Skilos Del Quarzo Nero.





Our aim is to keep on working to improve on this amazing breed and its standard.

Stay tuned, as Dell’Aria Stivala Kennel is getting busy.

Best Regards,

Dell’Aria Stivala

Kennel (Malta)

Toya Del Quarzo Nero
Toya Del Quarzo Nero

Pet First Aid Certification

Pet Nutrition Certification

Pet Psychology Certification

Dog Grooming Certification

Pet Sitting Certification

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Kennel Name Registered with

- The Malta Kennel Club (M.K.C. - F.C.I.)

- The Maltese National Canine Federation (M.N.C.F.)

- European Bully Kennel CLub (E.B.K.C.)

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